Why SmartCloud?

Why IBM SmartCloud for Social Business?
It wasn’t too long ago that email provided an edge to a business – rapid communications to groups and individuals, having one place to find that all that information, and even a way for teams to collaborate. It was a way to keep ahead of other businesses that still relied on physical memos, faxes and newsletters.
Times have changed – email isn’t a perk or competitive advantage, it’s expected, like telephones and copiers. If it’s expected, it’s supposed to be there, like the plumbing. Like the plumbing, why should you have to put any more effort in to it than you have to?
Modern email systems have great features and benefits for your company, but running them at your site on your servers isn’t one of them. You have to make sure the servers are running, getting any parts replaced (even if it’s under warranty, how much down time can you afford?). You are also responsible for maintaining storage – making sure there’s enough disk space to hold all the mail that your business wants their users to retain.
Speaking of storage, you are also responsible for all backups and restores. How often do you test a restore? How much are you spending on tape or disk to do those backups? How much time do you spend managing all of your storage, and how much are you spending on that? You could spend some time with your finance people to figure that out….
But wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much you’re spending per user per month on all of it? An email address, storage for the mailbox, backup, restore, spam and virus filtering? For a great, flat rate, we can also add internal and external collaboration, instant messaging and meetings.
When you use SmartCloud for Social Business, IBM’s hosted collaboration solution, you get all of that and IBM’s reliability and security, years of experience in hosting data, and the assurance of knowing that your data is your own, and won’t be used to sell advertising.